Washing & Classifying

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Washing and classifying are vital steps in our process that should not be underestimated.

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Sand Screw Plants

Washing & Classifying

DW Range

Washing & Classifying
Whilst primarily applied for dewatering with retained fines, Terex dewatering screens are capable…

FM Bucket Wheel

Washing & Classifying
The Terex® FM Bucket Wheel range of sand classification systems are highly efficient dewatering…

FM Ultrafines™

Washing & Classifying
The Terex® FM Ultra Fines™ is a crucial step in efficient management and recovery of ultra fines…

FM Compact™

Washing & Classifying
The Terex® FM Compact range are static sand recovery units designed to be both cost and energy…

Aggrescrub™ 150

Modular Solutions
Washing & Classifying
The AggreScrub™ 150 plant is particularly suited to the C&D recycling market. Key benefits…

Feel the Power of Washing and Classifying

By thoroughly washing and classifying materials, you can achieve outstanding outcomes. Through effective washing, we eliminate impurities, ensuring the highest quality.

Classifying materials based on size and density allows for precise sorting, leading to improved efficiency. These steps contribute to optimizing workflow and achieving desired outcomes.

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