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Excavators are powerful and versatile machines that are commonly used in construction, mining, and other industries. They are designed to dig, lift, and move large amounts of earth, rocks, and other materials with ease. With their hydraulic systems and various attachments, excavators can perform a wide range of tasks, such as digging trenches, demolishing structures, and loading heavy materials. These machines are essential in many construction projects, as they not only save time and labor but also enhance safety and precision in excavation and earthmoving operations.

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Kobelco SK17SR-6E

Mini Excavator
The SK17SR-6E embodies these qualities perfectly. Engineered specifically for compact spaces, this…

Kobelco SK25SR-6E

Mini Excavator
With its compact size and impressive performance, the SK25SR-6E is the perfect solution. Equipped…

Kobelco SK30SR-6E

Mini Excavator
The SK30SR-6E is a compact excavator that delivers the same level of performance as its full-sized…

Kobelco SK35SR-6E

Mini Excavator
The KOBELCO SK35SR-7 Mini Excavator redefines what can be achieved in small-space projects. By…

Kobelco SK45SR-6E

Mini Excavator
The SK45SRX-7 is the next generation of mini excavators that combines agility with power. With 37…

Kobelco SK55SR-6E

Mini Excavator
Introducing the SK55SRX-7, the next generation mini excavator with the Canopy option. This compact…

Kobelco SK75SR-7

The SK75SR-7 is the latest addition to our lineup of short rear swing excavators. This model is…

Kobelco SK85CR-7

The KOBELCO SK85CS-7 provides the necessary power, fuel efficiency and capabilities to handle…

Kobelco SK130LC-11

The next-generation KOBELCO SK130LC-11 is a cutting-edge machine that offers impressive power, with…

Kobelco SK140SR-7

The KOBELCO SK140SRLC-7 offers impressive power for a machine of its size. It features a compact…

Kobelco SK140SRD-7 Car Demo

The KOBELCO SK140SRD-7 Car Demo allows you to efficiently process 70 cars per day using the raw…

Kobelco ED160BR-7

The ED160BR-7 Blade Runner is a flexible excavator equipped with a six-way dozer blade. This blade…

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