Scalping Screens

Maximize Efficiency: The Power of Scalping Screens

Scalping screens are a game-changer in industries that require efficient material processing and classification. These specialized screens are designed to remove oversized or unwanted materials from a mixed stream, allowing for a more precise and targeted sorting process.

9 Products

Powertrak 750

Scalping Screens
The multi-purpose Powertrak 750 has been introduced to the scalping screen product portfolio….

Warrior 2100

Scalping Screens
At the heart of the Warrior 2100 Spaleck Screen is the 2 deck high performance waste recycling…

Warrior 2400

Scalping Screens
Specially designed for large scale operators in the quarrying and mining sectors, the Powerscreen®…

Warrior 1400X

Scalping Screens
The Powerscreen® Warrior 1400X is a flexible screening machine, aimed at operators who require a…

Titan 600

Scalping Screens
The Titan 600 is a versatile 2 deck screen. Compact in nature, it boasts the ability to screen up…

Titan 2300

Scalping Screens
The Titan 2300 is a mobile scalper that has been designed for a range of screening applications….

Warrior 800

Scalping Screens
The Powerscreen® Warrior 800 has been specifically designed for the small end user for whom…

Warrior 1200

Scalping Screens
The Powerscreen Warrior 1200 is the most compact 12ft scalping screen in today’s market. Despite…

Warrior 1800

Scalping Screens
Designed for medium to large operators, where high capacity and throughput are paramount, the…

Boost Productivity with Scalping Screens

With their robust construction and strategically placed openings, scalping screens effectively separate larger materials, improving the overall quality and consistency of the final product.

Whether it is in mining, aggregates, or recycling industries, scalping screens play a crucial role in optimizing material processing operations.

Their ability to efficiently remove unwanted materials ensures a more streamlined and productive workflow, ultimately increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

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