Inside Powerscreen of Washington’s Dynamic Workforce

Spotlight on Leanna, Powerscreen of Washington

How a call out of the blue led to Leanna juggling her career and home life. 

Gender isn’t something we focus on that much at Powerscreen of Washington. Of course, we prize diversity at every level of our business – but we know that any job can be done by any person, regardless of their sex, ethnicity, or background. But as it is International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March, we thought it would be a good opportunity to shine the spotlight on a Powerscreen of Washington employee who just happens to be a woman. 

Meet Leanna – Service Administrator 

Leanna was in search for new career opportunities when a recruiter got in touch about a job at Powerscreen of Washington, a company which at the time, she’d never even heard of. Now she’s been with us for almost a year, helping out customers who have a problem with their machines and dealing with technicians to get it sorted. She’s also played a big part in helping us set up new workshops. 

A breath of fresh air 

So as a relative “newbie”, we wondered how Leanna has got on since joining Powerscreen of Washington. She was quick to tell us the work atmosphere is uplifting, positive and very welcoming. We’re a close-knit team and everyone’s very helpful. Yes of course, it’s busy and we have to act fast. I never let myself forget that when a machine goes down, that’s a company losing money. But I thrive on the fact that I can make a difference, there’s always 

something to learn – and it’s lots of fun too! It’s nice to be in an environment where no matter your looks, gender, ethnicity or background. There’s more respect and people seem to trust that we’re here to do a job and we’re more than capable of doing it.” 

For Leanna, It’s not all about work though. She tells us, “I’ve always got a lot going on. I need time in my day for self care, walk the dog, and perhaps even cram in enough time to go to the gym. I can do all of that here because Powerscreen of Washington respects that everyone needs a good work/life balance. I can even take time out of work to help with a local charity – something that I really enjoy. And that’s a benefit that means so much when I don’t have a lot of free time at home.” 

It’s good to hear that we seem to be getting it right at Powerscreen of Washington. By the way, if you happen to find yourself at XPO24 in May, look out for Leanna as she’ll be there too and has played a key role in helping us set up the event